Addiction is a need that someone can no longer control. Addictions are therefore something that the person could better live without but cannot. The person is dependent upon the thing that they are addicted to.

The following are various types of addictions

Drug addiction

ewassdfgcvDrug addiction can be divided into prescription drugs and banned drugs. The common vision of an addict is the person addicted to banned drugs. Drugs cause damage to both the mind and the body, and after a short while, a physical addiction is established. The person can come off the drugs and be clear in just a few weeks, but the psychological obsession remains, drawing them back time and time again.

Sex addiction

The person addicted to sex usually has a problem with long-term relationships. Sometimes the person has felt rejection at an early stage in their life and is desperately seeking affection. The person may have lots of short term relationships, none of which are satisfying. Continually searching for confirmation that they are attractive, or valued, the person may accumulate an entourage of admirers. Though the person may become obsessed with sex, the real need is to feel good about themselves. Without support, the person is doomed in their relationships because people will not be able to satisfy their need.

Smoking addiction

Though many people find it hard to believe, smoking is the easiest of the addictions to break. Unless a person has been smoking more than about 40 cigarettes a day (depending on their weight and sex), they will not have a physical addiction to nicotine. Withdrawal can take just one week for the physical need to disappear.

Work addiction

qwsdseqwsdsexdcdfrdfrWork addiction is a socially acceptable addiction. It also carries with it financial rewards. Like all the other addictions, it quickly takes over and becomes an obsession. The normal balance of life is lost, and the person is either working, eating (or thinking about work) or sleeping. The particular allure of a work addiction lies in its ability to provide an escape. The person can enter a legitimate activity where he feels empowered, needed and rewarded. Work not only becomes a method of providing income, but it also becomes the hobby. Work addiction is usually accompanied by strenuous efforts to deny it exists.

Alcohol addiction

This product would be banned directly if it was invented today.It is the most readily available and harming of the addictions. Adequate, liquor pervades into all aspects of our lives. It is socially worthy as well as very nearly a social necessity.
All types of addiction are person dependent. Therefore, one should seek some guidance to overcome them.