Not all women experience menstrual cramps. According to statistics, 50% of the woman go through the period pain.The pain sucks, it can even go beyond some women suspending their normal duties because of menstrual cramps. This pain is caused when the uterus muscle ate tighten and relax. Some women feel it before and during their period. Symptoms like nausea, lower back pain, headaches can be seen. It is therefore important to know the available remedies to relieve this period pain in order to live a happy and a better healthy life. You may be experiencing period pain and confused what to do.Here are some of the ways to relieve the pain.


2You are in a better position to overcome the menstrual cramps if you concentrate on improving your diet. It is important to get enough calcium in your diet that helps to trigger cramps. Satisfy your craving for dark chocolate other than other chocolate with fat, this makes you happier and will relax your muscle. Take fresh fruit like pineapple, banana, and also vegetables like spinach. Consider Salmon fish full of omega -3 before your period to keep your cramps in check and will decrease bloating. Drink a lot of water to avoid dehydration. It helps keep away cramps and prevent acne.

Safe painkillers

In most cases, painkillers are the best and the fastest way to overcome the period pain. Take as soon as possible after you start filling pain. Don’t pop any painkiller for menstrual pain. It is only with the instruction of your doctor that you can use the right painkiller. Some of the painkillers Most doctors recommend are naproxen, paracetamol, among others. If the pain is accompanied with stomach pain, dizziness, fever, vomiting, extreme pain, do not use the painkiller, seek medical advice.

Exercise regularly

Being active and exercising daily reduces the period pain. It doesn’t mean you do gym exercises to ease the pain but also simple one like cycling, walking, sit-ups, swimming and yoga.when the body get enough exercise the muscles also expands and you will feel relaxed with a great reduction in the period pain. It also releases mood- booting endorphins which take your mind off the pain and allow comfort. Therefore working out will remove all the fatigue and anxiety and you will end up doing away with the annoying pain.

Other remedies

Home remedies like using hot water that allow heat on your lower abdomen to ease the abdominal pain, also try soaking in hot water. Do a massage to ease the pain. This is none medical option to deal with period pain. Look also for natural herbs like ginger, parsley, coriander, seeds, wood apple, lemongrass. That will help to relieve the pain. Take tea to calm the menstrual pain.


3Every woman knows that menstrual pain are always annoying. It can affect your concentration, and due to the pain you might end up sleeping the whole cycle, and this will make you less active. When you follow the above remedies, it will be of great benefit to you during your period. It will help you get relief and get control over this period pain.